WOW 1-Year Anniversary Release🎉: WOWswap Pro, Limit Orders & Automatic Alerts

WOWswap officially turned 1-year old 🎂on February 25th!

5 min readFeb 24, 2022

On this day a year ago, WOW token was born by releasing it to the public via the token sale. The public sale cap of $700,000 USD was filled in a record breaking 9 seconds 🏎,but a total of $11 million USD was sent to the public sale contract from more than a 1,000 wallets.

WOWswap token sale was held on February 25th.

What a year it was❗ On April 12 we released the 1st version of WOWswap on the Binance Smart Chain. We rapidly expanded to Polygon, Avalanche, IoTeX, Solana, HECO, Ethereum, Arbitrum and Metis.

We launched the first ever leveraged trading for NFTs on Ethereum, and decentralized the governance with the WOW staking, allowing the WOW token holders to decided on the crucial financial and economic parameters.

On top of that, we have listed more than 200 tokens for up to 5x leveraged trading: more than any other leveraged DEX! WOWswap community had a chance to participate in tens of AMAs we joined, including the AMA with Polygon, Chainlink and HECO. We have a long-term partnerships with Metis, Pangolin Exchange, Mimo Exchange, and a Joint Venture with Netswap.

WOW infrastructure:

As WOW protocol gets more robust, the blockchain infrastructure behind it also becomes more solid: in January/February 2022 we put into operation over 10 new powerful servers to run our own blockchain nodes on Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Avalanche and other chains. You can read more on our infrastructure here .

WOW 1st year statistics:

1️⃣ This year we had 1200+ unique traders to date and the total trading volume of $15m.
2️⃣ TVL has been fluctuating between $1M-$4.5M last year.
3️⃣ The trading volume was averaging around $1m per month.

1️⃣Introducing WOWswap Pro

WOWswap interface is minimalistic and is extremely easy to use. In fact, opening leveraged short or long position takes just 1-click.

Yet we recognize the demand for more professional trading experience that gives you the most options and control of your assets.

Besides the different design, WOWswap Pro brings the following improvements:

📈Always on chart for all assets supported on WOWswap for a professional analysis when to open and close a position.
👌Monitoring and managing all the opened positions, debt level, liquidation price & health in one page.
👍Liquidation price is displayed before opening a position.
🤑Display of daily gainers & announcements.
🦊Set limit orders before you open a trade.

The last point is a major upgrade to WOWswap and deserves more explanation 👇

2️⃣Set Stop Loss and Take Profit with Limit Orders.

Limit orders are available for both versions of WOWswap: WOWswap Pro and the original WOWswap.

To turn on Limit Orders, simply toggle the On/Off button and options to set Stop Loss and Take Profit will appear.

📈Take Profit specifies the exact price at which to close out an open position for a profit. If the price of the token does not reach the limit price, the take-profit order does not get filled. Learn more here.

📉Stop Loss specifies that a token is to be sold when it reaches a specified price known as the stop price. Learn more here.

Both values on WOWswap are specified in percentages.

The key advantage of using Limit Orders is that, you don’t need to monitor your holdings daily. It also allows you to follow YOUR strategy BEFORE you open a trade, therefore, minimizing the number 1 enemy of a professional trader — your own emotions😂😭😵

👉Limit orders are executed in a decentralized way by liquidation bots that track and close trading positions which satisfy limit order conditions. For example, if a trading position reached a target profit or stop loss percentage, any liquidation bot can call WOW smart-contract and close this position.

💵Executing limit orders is free for users, liquidation bot operators pay for gas and don’t get any extra rewards or compensating for closing these positions.

🧠Adding Limit Orders on WOWswap has one more advantage that users who trade on Pancakeswap, Quickswap, Pangolin and Mimo should appreciate: setting Limit Orders for spot positions.

If you are a real WOW degen, you will know that WOWswap routes all the trades via our partner AMMs. By building on top, it allows WOWswap to list many more tokens than our competitors, but we also add value to the underlying exchanges by brining new features.

While Limit Orders are crucial for leverage traders, Limit Orders can greatly improve your trading performance for spot positions. Instead of trading directly on Pancakeswap, for example, users can now open 1x position and set a Take Profit on WOWswap. No need to check your portfolio every 5 minutes anymore 😎

3️⃣Introducing WOWSwap Alerts: Notifications for Profits, Liquidations and High APY.

A highly requested feature by our community has been NOTIFICATIONS 🚨

You can now set up WOWswap Alerts that tracks your profits, liquidations and high APY for WOWswap lending pools.

🤑Profit alerts can be set up to send you a message when any of your open positions is in 20%, 50% or 100% in profit.

📈Liquidations alerts serve 2 purposes: alert you when your position’s health falls to below 10%, and when your position is liquidated 😭

🚀High APY alerts are unique to WOWswap protocol. If set up, you will get a notification when any of the tokens in our lending pool generate 20%, 50% or 100% APY. This way you never miss the most profitable pool to lend your assets.

All alerts can be delivered via 3 methods:

📧Telegram alerts are set up by adding a bot to your Telegram. To set it up you will need to:

  1. Add @wownotify_bot account as friends on Telegram
  2. Enter your name & Inbox ID with a command code. For example, /WOWdegen 159841231
  3. Inbox ID is your unique code which is issued based on a unique wallet address.

🔊Browser alerts can be delivered directly on your browser. Make sure you allow click on Enable button after you activate the alerts on WOWswap.

📨Email alerts will be delivered to a specified email address.

That’s it! 🎉 Now you can try the new features on

Your feedback 👂matters

  1. Try WOWswap here.
  2. Check FAQ and learn more: Wowswap documentation.
  3. Join our telegram community.
  4. Follow us on Twitter.




WOWswap is a decentralized leveraged trading protocol that runs on BSC, HECO and Polygon Network. Traders can buy and sell tokens with up to 5X leverage.