W😮Wswap ICO sets a new World record as the Fastest Token Sale Ever!

4 min readMar 1, 2021

9️⃣seconds — this is how long it took for the W😮W public sale to finish!

The sale started on February 25th, 2021 at 18:00:00 (Pyongyang local time) and was scheduled to last for a maximum 72 hours⏲.

However, it did not take that long: after the sale opened W😮W backers sent over $11 million worth of BNB (45,130 BNB @ spot price of $244) to the token sale smart contract, and closed the $700k hard cap in just 9 seconds (3 blocks: 5181954, 5181955, 5181956), which makes WOW token sale the fastest sale ever!


To better understand what happened and satisfy your curiosity 🦝, a BscScan transaction history of the public sale contract transactions was downloaded on February 26 at 3:30 PM GMT+9 and analyzed.

Top 5 key facts of WOW public sale:

1️⃣ 99.97% of the tokens were sold out in 9 seconds.

With the Binance Smart Chain block’s confirmation time of 3 seconds, it took 3 blocks (#5181954 , #5181955, #5181956) to sell out 99.97% (139,958 out of 140,000) WOW tokens.

2️⃣ WOW token sale was oversubscribed 15 times as 45,130 BNB (11 million USD) were sent to the public sale contract.

The total amount of BNB sent to the contract in 3,649 transactions from 1,065 unique wallets was 45,130 BNB or 11 million USD at the time of the sale.

With a hard cap of $700,000, the toke sale was oversubscribed 15 times.

3️⃣ Over 1000 unique wallets participated in the sale, but only 111 unique buyers succeeded in acquiring WOW token. Since most people tried multiple times the success rate was only 3%.

In total 3,649 transactions were sent to the public sale contract during the analyzed period with some users interacting with the smart contract several times (1,065 unique wallets). The success rate (successful transactions/ all transactions) was 3% (111/3649).

🔥954 unique wallets that failed to buy WOW during the token sale will qualify for a special reward program — 20 WOW per wallet❗

During the sale users made 3–4 attempts on average to purchase W😮W token.

4️⃣ The sale was equally dominated by the small 🤏(0 to 10 BNB) buyers followed by large 🐳(40 to 50 BNB) buyers.

Out of 111 successful WOW purchases, the majority (34 buyers) participated in the sale with >0 to 10 BNB. The second largest group (33 buyers) of buyers were large buyers who successfully participated in the sale with 40 to 50 BNB.

Therefore, we can claim that the sale was not dominated by large wallet holders and that it was fair to everyone.

An average public sale ticket 🎫 size was just 26.29 BNB.

5️⃣ On average a successful buyer spent 0.0511 BNB on ⛽.

Setting a higher fee than competing transactions, gives priority to be included in the blockchain block. Therefore, buyers who successfully purchased WOW set the gas fee for 0.0511 BNB on average to get the token.

Interesting to note, that 3 unique addresses spent 0.66314, 0.66314 and 0.6697714 BNB (more than $140 USD) on gas to buy the token.

However, judging from the data, timing was more important than just setting a high gas fee. The minimum gas fee spent on a successful transaction was just 0.00066314 BNB 3 seconds after the sale started.

But just imagine🐉 if the sale was on the Ethereum blockchain? 💀

Saving on the gas fees is one of the reasons we are building WOWswap leverage trading protocol on the Binance Smart Chain.

Curiosity satisfied? 🥰


First of all, we would like to inform you that we already sent you 1 W😮W to appreciate your interest in WOWswap 💓

Second, if you buy 200 WOW (or more) and hold it for 2 weeks, we will send you additional 20 WOW on March 15, 2021 6:00 PM (Pyongyang local time).

During these 2 weeks we will take 3 random snapshots to check the wallet transactions & balances. Only these 954 wallets qualify.

🥳Finally, 9 random Twitter users who retweet the tweet below & tag @usainbolt will be rewarded with 9 W😮W tokens. Tokens will be distributed March 2nd, 16:00 GMT+9.

If you have more questions:

  1. Check FAQ section on Wowswap website.
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WOWswap is a decentralized leveraged trading protocol that runs on BSC, HECO and Polygon Network. Traders can buy and sell tokens with up to 5X leverage.