W😮W was audited by Hacken - a new token/token sale contracts were deployed!

Hello, W😮W degens!

Early this week we received preliminary audit results from Hacken. Though they did not find any critical issues in the original WOW smart contract, they recommended us to split token sale and token contract into 2 contracts to reduce potential risks for the token after the sale is ended, and also suggested improvements for efficiency and composability, which we implemented.

❗❗❗ So, we deployed a new W😮W token contract and a new public sale contract ❗❗❗

WOW token contract: 0x4da996c5fe84755c80e108cf96fe705174c5e36a

Public sale contract:⚡ 0x79f8ac4e7b4e83ca1ad4c54dfc5eaec659a1fe56

📢To participate in the public sale, send BNB to the Public sale contract.

📢Do not send BNB to 0x4da996c5fe84755c80e108cf96fe705174c5e36a — otherwise you will lose your funds.

👌 Also, for the public sale participants we reduced the maximum limit per wallet to 50 BNB to allow more people to join. If you send a larger amount, extra funds will be automatically refunded to your wallet.

We updated our website, Twitter and previous medium posts.

BSCscan info is being updated…

The full audit report from Hacken is here.

Have a W😮W day!

Your W😮W team.



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WOWswap is a decentralized leveraged trading protocol that runs on BSC, HECO and Polygon Network. Traders can buy and sell tokens with up to 5X leverage.